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Company Overview

Since 2001, DLE, Inc. (Dream Link Entertainment) has introduced the world to wondrous settings and lovable characters, ranging from a group of down-on-the-luck villains that just can't catch a break in their conquest for world domination, to a cute little piglet who loves to wear pants.

DLE has grown to become one of the most recognizable entertainment companies in Japan. Not limited to animation, DLE has expanded into multiple business sectors, including music, live entertainment, movies and television, and fashion. In 2016, DLE purchased W-Media, Inc., and began full time management of the fashion event Tokyo Girls Collection under the new subsidiary W-Tokyo, Inc.

The same year, the Sube no Ana music label, managers of the popular Japanese rapper Dotama, joined DLE as part of a new music division. Aside from Dotama, the Sube no Ana label also employs musical talent like the trackmaker duo Fragment, the female rapper Izumi Makura, and the "peace band" Sankai-ten Tohi Tohi Neri.

DLE continues to look towards the future for new and upcoming business opportunities with our challenging and innovative spirit.

Company Address

DLE, Inc.
Kojimachi 3-3-4
KDX Kojimachi Bldg. 7F
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel: +81-3-3221-3990 (Japan)
Fax: +81-3-3221-3690 (Japan)

What We Do

DLE is equipped with resources to cater to all our partner's needs, whether it be animation, live-action, music, mobile app and game development, or event planning. Aside from working with partnered major production studios for animation, voice recording, event management, etc., DLE also has in-house studios to accomodate all your needs.
Originality comes from all over the world, and from anyone. We believe in creators and companies who have brilliant ideas, and are always looking for new partners to create new properties together with. Through DLE's co-production capabilities, partners can use DLE's production management, concept designers, and more. Got a new interesting idea? Contact us for a pitch.
DLE is unique in Japan for developing a successful marketing model based around media expansion. With our various marketing solutions, DLE helps our partners to develop successful marketing solutions. Our customers ranges from renown food brand Nissin Foods (makers of Cup Noodle), to Warner Brothers Entertainment.


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Some of Our Works


Secret Society Eagle Talon

DLE's first and flagship series, "Secret Society Eagle Talon" began airing in 2006. The series follows a group of bumbling villains known as Eagle Talon in their constant struggles to take over the world. Trying to stop them is the narcissistic "hero," Deluxe Fighter.

Panpaka Pants

In "Panpaka Pants," a loveable piglet named Panpaka (voiced by singer/voice actress Yoshino Nanjo) along with his best friend Punyan (voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara) search the world for rare pants. Along the way, they get into various adventures and troubles in this family friendly comedy series. "Panpaka Pants" is also currently airing in South Korea.

Kaishain: Shellfish Employees

"Kaishain: Shellfish Employees" is a joint production between DLE, and Toho Cinemas. A wordplay on the words "employee" and "clam" in Japanese, the anime revolves around various clams that personify company stereotypes, like a "yes man," or the nosy boss. The show shows a satirical side of Japanese society, while also addressing growing social problems.

Live action

Distraction Babies

DLE's first venture into live-action movies, "Distraction Babies" follows Taira Ashihara (played by Yuya Yagira) and his younger brother Shota (played by Nijiro Murakami) as they set off on a series of violent brawls in an attempt to escape from their small town life. The film won the "Best Newcoming Director" award at the Locarno Film Festival in 2016 for director Tetsuya Mariko.

The Old Capital

Based on a novel by Yasunari Kawabata, The Old Capital is a story revolving around four female characters, and highlights the slashing lifestyles of traditional and modern Japan. Chieko Sada (Yasuko Matsuyuki) runs a traditional kimono store in Kyoto, which has been passed down in her family for generations. However, her daughter Mai (Ai Hashimoto) is reluctant to continue the tradition. Meanwhile, Chieko's long lost twin-sister, Naeko Nakata (also played by Yasuko Matsuyuki) runs a forestry business on the outskirts of Kyoto, but has fallen on hard times. Naeko's daughter, Yui (Rico Narumi) is a talented artist who goes to study abroad in France.


Tokyo Girls Collection

Tokyo Girls Collection is the biggest fashion event in Japan. Held biannually, the event hosts every large name brand and famous Japanese models and actresses, and attracts crowds larger than 30,000 people. TGC has since started other events around Japan, and in various countries around the world with the message of "Bringing Japanese Girls' Fashion To The World."


SHIROZEME is a cross between a Renaissance Festival and a theme park. Taking place annually at actual Japanese castles. During the event, attendees can participate in attractions such as plowing a battering ram into the castle's gates, shooting arrows, or participating in a 100-man sword battle. All the attractions have been specially adapted to the castles that SHIROZEME is held at to recreate actual historical battles that have taken place at the castles.

Contact Us

If you have any general inquiries, or have a pitch contact us at the following email address. info@dle.jp

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